10 Sept 02 6995kHz

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Chirp Plot 10 September 2002 7MHz

inskip4.bmp (169254 bytes)

Today's Chirp plot has a number of interesting features. Note the jump of about 1ms in the F layer returns at 1730UTC. Below is the X-ray flux measurements for the period.

The big peak in X-ray flux at 1730UTC may well explain the effect on the Chirp plot. The F layer critical frequency presumably passes through the band sometime before 2000UTC and the NVIS propagation dies shortly afterwards. Note the faint trace that continues on with about 10ms delay until the strong F layer returns resume at about 0930. I have no idea what that is but the fact that it joins at either end so accurately would seem to suggest that it is something external and not an artefact of my measurement system. Also note the faint line that runs across the trace at about -1ms. I had previously though this was the groundwave from Inskip but recalibrating my system shows that it is occurs before Inskip is due - again, what it is remains a mystery.


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