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Year 2000 and ISO 8601

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Files About The ISO 8601 Standard

Ian Galpin's (G1SMD) files on the Year 2000 problems and various date standards:

Book Reviews

Sorry, most Review links are Not Available at present. I ran out of time to update this part of the page. Keep scrolling down for the Diagnostics, User Groups, and General Information sections.

Year 2000 and ISO 8601 Links

The ISO 8601 Standard

Year 2000 Diagnostics

Computer Manufacturers

User Groups

User Groups provide a forum for people to help each other fix problems associated with the Year 2000. Many provide local regular meetings. Check below for a User Group in your area.


Well? Are there any?


General Year 2000 Information

Other Year 2000 Links

(Not yet reviewed by me for content)


Fire up your newsgroup program and take a look at the following newsgroups:

Search Engines

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