This is my story of  having the stroke in feb 2012 i went to work as normal on the friday morning  i become very hot and i wasn't sure were i was and evey thing was jumbled up ,my supervisor called for an ambulance they tuned up about 5 mins after the call they put me in the ambulance and started doing all the checks.They had a problem getting my blood pressure after some time they managed to get one but it was 285 which was vey high ,i was taken to QE  hospital were i spent a month and half then i was sent home i was off work for 3.5 months with in the time i was in hospital i had alsorts of things done .The biggest thing was having to walk and talk again because i had lost every thing down my right hand side,it was very hard to wash and feed myself  but i got there when i got home i had the nurses come round to help me it was hard work having things done .I had to do tasks which helped me get better i had to go back and forth to the hospital's in cambridge i have lost track of how many times i have been in hospital ,now i am back home i will have to go to the QE hospital in kings lynn for check ups etc