we will be running a radio station for the 250th birthday of captain george vancouver ,this will be held at TS VANCOUVER (kings lynn sea cadets)kings lynn we will be using the call sign GB2CGV this will be used for the week before the festival 18th june 2007 to the 1st july 2007 so come and see the radio station and all the other things that will be going on.G1KLP AND M3GJA will be running the radio station every one is welcome to come along and have ago.
the radio station will be using various bands  80 , 40 ,20, 17 , 15, 10 meter's we will also use 2 meter and 70cms if possible this will give every one a chance to talk to kings lynn,we will be giving out a qsl card for every contact made .
please send all cards to our PO BOX
when you send your cards please can you put in an irc so we can send our card to you.

our address is:--
PE30 5JJ
The picture on the right is the card that every one will get when they have made contact with us as you can see it is a very good card ,this is a once in a life time to get a top quality qsl for this special event.......
thanks to m3gja for desining and making  the qsl card .
we have had to change our location for the radio station due to items out of our control.we spoke to the sea cadets at ts vancouver on the quay in kings lynn and they have said we can use their station for the radio station .we will be adding more details here soon .the sea cadets will be holding events over the weekend  so come and see them and the special event station.
you will be able to contact us via echo link , we will have a dual band radio with us which will be on the link freq 145.337.5 fm the node number is 144800 , the node call sign is MB7IKL-L.this link is run by me at my home qth . so if you have no means of hf equipment and want to speak to us you can go on the link .
we would like to say thank you to larry VE7SD for all his hard work in passing all our emails and information to the local sun paper in vancouver canada they are going to put an artical in the paper on thursday ,larry has also made contact with other ham radio operators in vancouver ,trevor M3GJA has been talking to larry via echolink and the radio and the replies we have had are looking very good it looks like we will be busy on the radio.i have managed to find a link to the paper and some intresting info.

photo page has been updated 13.06.07
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the sea cadets will be sorting out some information about their station and this will also be put in the returning envelope to all contact's made .so when you get  our qsl card  you will have a nice  package from this special event station.