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Hi there, name here is Tony.

I was first licensed 1984.
Being interested in amateur radio from a young boy messing around with crystal sets.
Old domestic valve radios came next.
Being made curious at the time to
HAM written on the display of the domestic radios.
Transmissions mostly in those days being AM only, no sidebands so a bfo was not needed to clarify the radioamateur signals.
Later came the aquisition of surplus military ex army/RAF transceivers.
These were purchased from an
emporium (scrapyard) called Smiths Metals In the town of Blackpool where i was born.
I converted some of these and found appropriate power supplies.
First 2mtr rig was an ex US army rig converted to 2Mtrs.
This had a new front panel of aluminium (
homebrew)with vernier dials.
2Mtrs being AM only in this country here in those days.
Later came the Pye Vanguard and Westminster ex PMR rigs all rock bound with (xtals) crystals being required for local oscillators.
I got up the courage to take the RAE exam at Lancaster college in 1984.
First tranceiver was FT290 followed by FT790.
These were used in tandem on the Oscar 10 satellite,with a Microwave Modules 30W Linear amplifier for the FT790 TX.
My first contact being KH6JRB Gary in San Francisco.

Main Interests now SSTV on HF 6M, 4M Sporadic E
70Cm 2M,and on UHF VHF
HF on all Bands including 60M.
Digital modes DMR FT8 C4FM Fusion
Log periodic down 2020 only using single 1/2 wave dipole on 6m

Email [email protected]

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Hy-Gain AV-12AVQ
Triband Vertical Antenna
10-15-20 Met

Behringer umc202hd Audio Interface
producing audio and phantom 48Volts from 5volt usb input

MMDVM on PI Star interface running Fusion or DMR from my rigs

Audio Technica condenser mike
on the Behringer interface

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