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MY INDEX QRP+ My name is Raymond Gilchrist and I am 36years old and I have been a Radio Ham for 12 years, My main interest is QRP C.W which I try and get on the bands as often as possible. My main QRP tranceiver is the INDEX QRP PLUS and I use a Random end fed antenna. I like to build both receivers and transmitters, and use them on air as much as possible. My first callsign was G7BYP and I have held G0TUE for about 7 Years now.

My main bands for opperating are 80mtrs,40mtrs and 30mtrs, and I usually run at a power level of 4watts. I have built a Touch Paddle key which I use all the time, the Index has a built in Keyer. Computers are also a large part of Amateur Radio, I use the computer for Decoding RTTY,AMTOR,WXINFO and Pagers, I have done a mod from the Discriminator on my scanner to allow the Base Band Audio to be fed directly to the computer.




Some Data Sounds from H.F
If you would like to hear any other Sounds, Let me know and I will add them to the list.

  • Sitor ARQ Click here to Listen to Fec.wav
  • ARQ Click here to Listen to Arq.wav
  • Fax2 Click here to Listen to Fax.wav
  • Gtor Click here to Listen to Gtor.wav
  • Pactor Click here to Listen to Pactor.wav
  • Cabs Click here to Listen to Cabs.wav
  • Acars Click here to Listen to Acars.wav
  • Ms5 Click here to Listen to Ms5.wav
  • Nato Click here to Listen to Nato.wav
    Send me Mail: [email protected]

    Send me Mail: [email protected]

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