For 'Jack'

My Father, John F Moss 1922-1998

Who worked during WWII in the Aircraft industry, making those magnificent flying machines, and all manner of then secret devices to assist the RAF, then spent time with, British Thompson Houston, and Reid and Segrist, before moving to AEI Leicester (Later Marconi) where waveguides were made by 'copper formed by electrolysis on graphite forms' and hog horn antennas like massive bats ears were made for some of the earliest microwave telephone links across the UK, and then to Decca, before leaving the Microwave engineering side to do more intricate things still until his retirement.. A first class mechanical engineer in every respect. My guide and mentor, missed like crazy, and therefore I dedicate this site to his memory.

Image5.jpg (7505 bytes)

Hand tinted BW photo from the late 40's or early 50's - that's a gibson V neck guitar he was a professional musician too...



'the impossible we do straight away, miracles take a little longer.....'


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