G0MQW UK QRSS GRABBER Location: IO91 Berkshire, UK.
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Near real-time monitoring of small slices of radio spectrum, usually concentrating on QRSS (very slow Morse Code) on 28 MHz and 10 MHz for E and F-layer, tropo, meteor scatter, auroral and other unusal propagation observations and experiments. During major meteor showers I'll monitor two VHF beacons to my south (Link to GRAVES info) and east (Link to BRAMS website) for radio reflections from areas of ionisation in the ionosphere caused by meteors. The "grabber" [a snapshot is taken every time the screen fills] by the Argo software, v1 build 145 by I2PHD, which is doing the narrow-bandwith processing at audio frequencies.

Grabber files are output as files in each window, starting hf1, hf2, hf3, hf4 - plus a time and date stamp.
hf1 usually on 10m QRSS 28000.8 kHz USB
hf2 various, sometimes Graves space radar on 143.05 MHz
hf3 various, sometimes on BRAMS space radar 49.97 MHz
hf4 is usually on 30m QRSS 10140 kHz USB

Receivers are TS-2000S; FT-817ND; IC-703; FuncubeDongle Pro+ SDR; SDRPlay RSP1A.
Antennas are 10m vertical J-pole, Wellbrook AL 1530 active loop; Butternut HF9V; 25m Delta Loop; 2m dipole; tuned magnetic loop


Archives are live and based on the Box cloud storage. The file names are time-stamped.
The main link here takes you to them all in the "Grabs" folder, including a "best of"- EVENTS, sort by time/date for rapid comparisons Link to archive


QRSS Plus Automatically-Updating Active QRSS Grabber List by Scott Harden
Carpe QRSS composite 24-hour and average images
G0FTD's fast loading grabber compendium (use F5 to refresh)

hf1 files. Scale is in Hz

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hf2 files. Scale is in Hz

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hf3 files. Scale is in Hz

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hf4 files. Scale is in Hz

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GPS-TIME or Dimension4 time adjusted.