Some Useful Sites

WsprNet - Wspr (How all reporter pages should be)

WSJT-X - Main Page

PI-RX - Main Page

MSHV - Main Page

Pskreporter - Lots of real time data reporting

DX maps Sporadic E Map  - Lots of other real time info too

Air Pressure - Basic real time old school barometric map

Tropo Map - Tropospheric ducting forecast

IMO - International Meteor Organisation

GB3VHF -  How to receive it

GB3UHF - How to receive it

CW RBN - Reverse beacon network

Aurora Watch - Map

Wspr Challenge - competitive SWLing

7300 RX Antenna - Inrad connector. Does NOT power down your RX loop on TX

Red Pitaya Software - Possibly the greatest Wspr RX on Earth