MSHV v PI-RX on Weak Signals

Okay so I cannot say much other than to report what happens here. If I generate my own local PI4 signals from a U3s beacon (similar to that used at EI0SIX looking at the photographs) then there seems to be little to choose between these two programs - these local signals are quite strong even into a dummy load. However on the very weak signals I see arriving here from distant beacons - typically lower than -20db - there is no contest. PI-RX is the ONLY program so far which decodes these signals. Why is this? The short answer is: I do not know. It could quite easily be a case of user error - even locally generated MSHV signals look to be 'weaker', perhaps this relative 'attenuation' is the cause. Of course PI-RX is dedicated to one mode, so perhaps a performance advantage is to be expected - master of one?

 MSHV and PI-RX Local signal decodes

I have noted this in the PI-RX decoder settings:

What these 'Additional data extraction algorithms' comprise I have no idea. (I suppose I should try it with no internet connection to eliminate external influence - I did, it still worked). In any case I have not seen any such settings on MSHV for PI4, they may exist I just haven't found them yet. Perhaps it is these 'deep' features which make the difference.