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Ever fancied a holiday in the South of France where you can take your radio with you? Well here is your chance! Located between Beziers and Pezenas in the village of Valros is the home of Frank and Lenore Iwanowski. Upstairs has been converted into a two bedroomed apartment with living area, kitchen and bathroom. Frank has said that it would be ok for Hams to stay here. Access to the roof provides the possibility of using wire antennas or a vertical could be erected in the garden (about 25ft by 25ft).

The nearest beach is about ten minutes by car. The major motorway which heads south to Spain is about 5 minutes away (border is about 1 hours drive). Montpelier is about 30 minutes by car and the historic town of Carcassonne is about 40 minutes. This is an ideal place to stay from which to explore this picturesque part of the country, and enjoy a bit of radio at the same time!

For more info and prices contact Frank at [email protected]

Click on images for full size.

Dscf0024.jpg (357738 bytes) Small on the outside, much bigger on the inside!

Dscf0016.jpg (343765 bytes) Main bedroom of apartment

Dscf0004.jpg (362252 bytes) Second bedroom of apartment

Dscf0025.jpg (342389 bytes) Apartment kitchen, with microwave, fridge, cooker, washer, kitchen utensils

Dscf0026.jpg (346394 bytes) Part of the apartment living area

Dscf0027.jpg (353011 bytes) Another view of living area

Dscf0029.jpg (353395 bytes) Have your breakfast in the sun!

Dscf0023.jpg (353267 bytes) In this part of France the villages are quaint and very old!

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