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The Fountain Valley Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services Team

Active Members as of Aug 2021

Include in Roll Call

Call FName LName E-mail Position
W6ARH Alan Hill [email protected] Board Member, Chief Radio Officer
KK6OEX Ken Hemkin [email protected]
W3DNA David Bates [email protected]
KI6AT0 Steve Blakesley [email protected]
KD6JBL Jerry Fullerton [email protected] Radio Officer 2010-2014 Board Member
K6AAJ Jim Huff [email protected]
N6CHU Robert Huntsman [email protected]
N6NQN Garry Jones [email protected] Radio Officer 2005-2006 Board Member
W6WC Tom Mackay [email protected]  
KF6REU Brian McGee [email protected]  
Macro Avila [email protected] Police Liaison
KF6LHS Bob Pegg [email protected] Board Member
KB6JOE Joe Tom [email protected]


Last Updated August 2021


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