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On May 2001 we created " The Pordenone Gangsters ", a group of friends with much will to win, and especially dedicated to make attempts in multisingle from the FM5GU station. Remember:

Always beware of a Pordenone Gangster !


Active members Main supporters Cheerleaders
Denis, FM5GU Massimo, IV3FHH Christine
Daniele, IV3TDM Paolo, IV3BVK Laurence
Luca, IV3JVJ Leon, FM5DN
Massimo, IV3FHH Lucien, FM5WD
Andrea, IV3SKB Andrea, IV3BTY
Claudio, IV3OWC
Stefano, IK2QEI

FM5GU multisingle configuration.jpg (172520 octets)FM5GU ready to hit in multisingle configuration !