FARA would like to thank the following area merchants and organizations for their support of our members' amateur radio activities
Applebee's for donations of food for Field Day

Boston Harbor Islands/MDC for their support of team AA1IZ IOTA contest activities

Cell One for donating hardline for the W1FY FARA repeater.

Gerard Farm Kitchen for generously allowing us to use their field for our Field Day activities as well as donating food for Field Day meals

McDonald's for donations of food and drink for Field Day.

Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) for donating door prizes for our Flea Markets and sponsorship of The FramingHAM Circuit.

Insyde Software  for their generous donation of two laptops for Field Day logging

Mass Army National Guard - (Framingham - Sgt Spear) for loans of, and continuing assistance with, Tents, G.P., Medium.

Poland Spring for their annual donation of water for Field Day.

Town of Framingham for allowing us to use space for our club shack and meetings, as well as supporting our activities through proclamations among other means.

WBZ for donating equipment, expertise and technical support for our meetings and Field Day.

You-Do-It Electronics for donations of equipment to our semi-annual Flea Market.

We hope you'll support those who have supported us!

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