Sunday Night Net

Suggested Script

Net Control Schedule
If you're interested in being a net control, contact [email protected]
Date                                   Net Control
1/27/02, 3/10/02
2/3/02, 3/17/02
2/10/02, 3/24/02
2/17/02, 3/31/02
2/24/02, 4/7/02
3/3/02, 4/14/02

Backup net control is next week's net control.
Backup runs net if  net has not started by 7:35.

[Start promptly at 19:30]
[wait for repeater idle]

Good evening.  This is [your call], net control,  about to convene a regular session of the FARA Sunday Evening Net.  Before I do so, are there any stations wishing to use the repeater?

[wait for stations]

Hearing none, we'll begin the net.  The first call is for mobile stations only.  To be sure you aren't doubling, please check in by
saying "this is", then dropping your carrier, wait for the beep, then give your call. Mobile stations only, please call now.

[wait for mobiles]

[as each mobile identifies, write down his call]

[when no more mobiles check in]

I have the following mobile stations:

[read back the list you made]

Are there any more mobiles wishing to check in?

[wait for them]
[now, go through the list, asking the stations [mobiles first] if they have any traffic]

[after all mobiles have checked in]

---> Make any announcements here. [reasoning is that mobiles will go out of range quickly]

Any fixed stations wishing to check into the net?

[handle them the same as the mobiles]

[when no more, read back the list of fixed stations]

[again, go through the list, asking the stations if they have any traffic]

[after all have passed their traffic]

----> [repeat announcements for fixed stations.]

Thank you all for checking in.  This is [your call], net control, closing the FARA net at [time] and returning the repeater to regular use.