432 EME


Motivated by the JW/SM2BYA expedition for the ARRL EME CONTEST 2003 , I decided to put together the necessary equipment to get QRV as a "little pistol" for this contest.


Assembling tha antenna:

A small 4 times 21el from TONNA were put together , with the option to get 8 antennas in the near future.

The mount:

I decided to used a salvaged tripod originaly used on my 3m solid dish.


trepied.jpg (295385 bytes)        fondation.jpg (284964 bytes)                   reperagetiges.jpg (114026 bytes)      trepied en place.jpg (215989 bytes)                   

the tripod             concrete foundation            repérage tiges   tripod in place   

                        (will be strenghtened later)       filetées                                    


            soudure plaque.jpg (145356 bytes)                         cage.jpg (53271 bytes)     H_en_cours.jpg (43971 bytes)

           welding a steel plate                Mount is OK      H frame ready