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        shack                 ts-990               rf2k+ 


  In the shack you will find a TS-990 with the Heil PR-781microphone.It's a real pleasure to  use it thanks to KENWOOD.
  A solid state amp follows the TS-990 it's the RF2K+ from RFkit in Germany. it's fully  automatic with a built-in automatic tuner.
  A LAN connection allows automatic fcy follow  and a screen copy on my computer via  VNC. it's rated at 2KW output .
  At 1.5KW it shows  a very low IMD figure : the best on the market for sure.
  An automatic tuner from palstar wich can handle 1.5KW.It follows the TS-990 fcy by COM  connexion.
  I also use the RSP1A from sdrplay as a panadaptor wich also follows the fcy automaticaly.
   All these are controlled by HamRadioDeluxe suite.

          rsp1a                antenna               tower

  The Beam is a FB-DO 505 from fritzel. 3 elts on 20/15/10m and 2 elts on 17/12m  switched  by a coaxial relay (LPT driven)
  The 6m beam is an home made 3 elts designed dy DK7ZB.
  On the top a 2*9 elts crossed for vhf and a 2*19 elts crossed for uhf (circular polarisation)  works for terrestrial and satellite.
  Two motors (site and elevation) are driven by HRD rotor (HamRadioDeluxe)  via ERC-M  interface.
  I like to receive NOAA sat pictures using WXTOIMG you will find the pictures HERE
  The aluminium telescopic-tilt tower rises at 12m (hf beam) . We use to have high winds  here so it's safer.