High-end Audio


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   I'm also keen on high end audio. The amp is a Single ended 845 direct heated triode.
  a friend of mine build it. I made few mods on power supply  (heaters regulation)
  In red it's a home made pre-amp based on a SRPP schematic.
  The cd drive is a mcd204 by advance acoustics with modified output stage and supply.
  The turntable is a project RPM 5.
  On the left a phono RIAA stage is waiting for it's box.

         MV15                  filter

  The main loudspeakers are  MV-15 by davis. They have been re-computed.
  Drivers have been mesured ( response and impedance )
  The filters (18 db/oct each) have been computed by a friend JM le Cleach (sk).
  Then new mesures were made to align drivers to compensate filter delay.
  All mesures were made with ARTA software suite.