Contest ARRL


( results )

For the first part of the October ARRL contest 2000, the installation was not finished!

The remote control, the commutations of polarizations were not in service. I made some QSOs rightly when the moon arrived on the horizon while aiming at it by eye.
At the second part in November, all was finished and I finally tried the new antenna.

During the last EME contest, i have been working with Jean-Marie F6BSJ.

A small remark: it is he who gave me the virus of the EME !

Jean-Marie's PA was in the case of my car, under the tower for a minimum length of coaxial.

The first results are very interesting and I hope promising.


News stations



I use a data base, which allows me to see what are the different stations I have contacted since the beginning of my EME activity. 

I hope that the list is going to increase quickly !

All QSO,s are made on random