Thanks for visiting my ham page. Right now I'm not so active in the air.

Here is just a brief description of my ham career and my current working conditions:

My prevous call signs:

  • RJ8JMM
  • RJ8JM
  • UJ9JWC (my first operations were from this club station)
  • RJ0J (special event call sign)
  • RJ1J (special event call sign)
  • EY70D (special event call sign)
  • EY2Q (I made a few QSO's from this club station during contests)

My second call sign is KG6EBP.

I'm the third ham operator in our family. My father is EY8AA and my brother is EY8MM. The forth operator is my nephew Mirzo who just recently got his first own call sign EY8BB.

I'm member of the Tajik Amateur Radio League (TARL) and 10-10 (10-10#58935). My QSL manager is K1BV.

You can contact me by e-mail: [email protected]



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