RTTY terminal for DOS

Build on pascal 7.0 with "Turbo Power" unit "TPCrt,TPwindow,TPMouse,TPEdit".
And plus my unit "unit2001" and free use "inifiles,v24".
Full executable file size is only 40.5 kB !!!

Mode - RTTY and ASCII at 45,50,75,100,300,1200 baud.
Use Com ports - com1-com4.
      GND -> GND
      RXdata -> modem rxdata
      TXdata -> modem Txdata
      RTS jump to CTS and toggle PTT - +12TX,-12RX
      DTR jump to DSR.
Work with analog extended modem via com-socket
or other construction (like fm-direct detector with comparator ets...)

test   vertion
sourse code and lib.	  

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