GM1200 "radio fault 02" repair

If you have GM1200 radio with "RADIO FAULT 02" message, don't worry, 
now you possible he back to life. For this you need the GM/GP1200 DPS Programmer,
"MTSX LAB" RSS and "Hex Workshop".
1st, open with "Hex Workshop" file "Mrhn8cn.rad" (or other for your model) from 
DPS12DW dir and delete selected block like in this screen:

Next, in "Hex Workshop" - export file like "motorola s19" to  "test.s19".
Reboot your PC (if you have win9x) to DOS (no emulation!) and with

1st method read/write EEPROM
"MTSXLAB" or "ASTROLAB" open F3/F6 - Srecords - F4 and F4  - Read/Write Radio 
with No Pack/Unpack write to radio with F8. 
2nd method read/write EEPROM
with CPR.EXE from wookie mobius lab
Usage: CPR [r{X}|w{X}] file
       where X is the com number (default: 1)

After this radio reboot and prompt "no personality" !
Last step - program with DPS yours files in normal mode.
Now - ser. number is "1234567890" :)

Edit and correct check sum in EEPROM DUMP

remember save old value of EEPROM!!!
1st method
1. calculate "checksum-8" for selected block and find "CONST"
2. 0x53-0x33 = 0x20 = CONST !
after edit, if "checksum-8" = 0x6E, 
new value on adress (0x4A)="checksum-8" + CONST = 0x6E + 0x20 = 0x8E

2nd method run cpfixcrc.exe eeprom.s19 :) cpfixcrc.exe from
wookie mobius lab Good Luck !

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