GRUNDIG FK105 EPROM programming

1st  - download grundig.exe (tested with VHF and UHF model)
Run it (absolutly FREE !), write any channel data,
step 12500/25000/50000, 
program file grundig.bin to UV EPROM like 27C16 (573RF2/RF5)
retune Rx and Tx VCO (in TP4 must be from 0.5 to 8 volt from begin
                      to end band) 
retune receiver
remove up plate and install 2 short wire (look photo)
for use 27C16 (no 27c32), disconnect pin 21 from (ground) and connect
to pin 24 (+5V)
- and why 27C16 ?
- because i have many this chips :)

retune point 27c32 to 27c16
more info from good luck... 02.06.05

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