70 YEARS. KHATYN. EWIBH/p, EWILN, EW2AB, EW2CF team days activity
22nd of March 2013 to 24nd of March 2013

On 22nd of March 2013 it will be 70 years from the tragic data when the Belarusian village Khatyn was burnt down by the Nazi beasts with its 149 villagers. In the years 1968-69 on the place of the burnt Khatyn was set up a memorial, which chased not only the tragedy of this village but also other hundreds of the localities of Belarus which were liquidated together with their inhabitants. In this place was created the one and only in the world memorial cemetery of 186 Belarusian villages burnt together with their inhabitants. Paying a tribute to fallen in the terrible and cruel Second World War during the time of 70 years from the sorrowful date of Khatyn’s tragedy the team of Belarusian radio hams EWIBH/p, EWILN, EW2AB, EW2CF will work from 22nd of March 2013 till 24th of March 2013 on HF band by SSB, CW, RTTY. For the realized connections to the all, who wish will be sent memorable QSL-cards. Radio station EWIBH/p will work from the territory of the memorial complex “Khatyn“. You are asked to send the QSL-cards via the EWIBH to the Belarusian QSL bureau