EU6 - EW6 HAM photo!!!


EU5F contest call of EW6WF (ex.UC1WWF, UK2WAF, UC2KMZ etc.)





" I am Boris N.Beznosko. Was born March 17, 1947 near of Ryazan (UA3S). 1952-1961 years lived in Pechenga, near of Murmansk (UA1Z), after 1961 living in Vitebsk.

First Call was UC2XT (1969-1970) after - UC2WAZ. Other Call's: EW2WAZ, EU2WAZ, RC8WAZ, RC9WAZ. Now Call - EU6DX.

Operated on club stations - EW6WF. Very like work in contests. Hamradio my best hobby.

Other hobby: collect post stamps, change, money from all countries of the world.

73 & Best DX! Boris."




EW6OO (ex.UC2WBY) & 317AC600 - 317VE002

"My name is VICTOR, I was born on the 20th of Jule 1961. My wife's name is INNA, she was born in 1963. We have two children, a sun Yuri (EU6CQ) and a doughter Larissa. Yuri was born in 1985 and Larissa - in 1988. My speciality is a radiotechnician, but I am not working on it now. My wife is housekeeper.

My hobbies are HAM/CB-Radio, SAT-TV etc. Besides I like read radio-amateur magazines of different countries. If you have some old ones thet you do not need any more, I'll be very thankfull if you send to me.

I'm active on HAM sinece 1977, but I'm started with CB-Dxing in 1996. My first callsign is UC2WBY.

My wife's hobbies are housework (knitting, and cooking), gardening and bringing up our children.

Yuri's hobbies are CB-Radio and playing football. Larissa's hobbies are playing with her toys, drawing and collecting stickers.

73 es DX!."

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