• A winding road up the mountain

  • The al Kalipha al Rashida Mosque

  • Asmara Market

  • Road Headed to Asmara

  • The Camel market in Keren.

  • Our Lady of the Rosary(Franciscan)Church

  • Damaged Enemy Tanks after War

  • Three young children

  • School Room

  • Children Playing

  • Young Boy Getting Water

  • Tourist at Gurgusum Beach, near Massawa

  • Farmer Tending Fields

  • Eritrean Man Resting

  • Eritrean village

  • Going to the Market

  • Making a cup of Espresso

  • The Cherhi Chinese Resturant in Asmara

  • One of the Many Streets in Asmara

  • The city of Keren

  • The Terraces near Embatcalla, on Escarpment

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    Information about Eritrea

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