Chuck has created a Google spreadsheet to sign up for operator positions for the Kansas QSO Party. The link is: 2023 Kansas QSO Party Sign-Up

We need to operate the K0E station for the designated hours of the event. The station will be operated from the club shack or ‘coop.’ We will be operating SSB on 20m and 40m mainly.

We can also operate from member’s home stations. This will require some coordination to ensure that only one operator per band and mode is on the air at a given time.

Last year, we had remote operators doing digital (FT8) but this year it is open to other modes - thus the coordination is crucial. Since operation in the coop is mainly on 20m I would encourage any remote operators to consider other bands.

The spread sheet asks for a cell phone number. This is to aid in relief of the coop operators since they need to send the elevator down to retrieve persons. It is not really needed for remote operators for that purpose but will be nice to have if we have to contact you for other reasons.