Amateur Radio Station EM1LV

Oleg Satyrev


It is I end my equipment

I'm communication manager of 3-th expedition on the Vernadsky station. I was born and lives in the big town Kharkov with population about 2 millions. My age is 28 years only. In 1994, i has ended study in the Kharkov Aviation Academy at the radio engineering faculty. I had been going to Arctic after defended of a thesis. Since 1994 till 1997 i worked on the northern point of Euro-Asian continent Cape Chelyuskin. I made a career quickly: from radio operator to chief of air base. It was a exciting and interesting time. Helicopters, air crafts, ice-bears, deers, salmons, polar lights and clear relations between peoples. We knew one to one from Franz-Josef Land to Uelen, on the territory about 6 000 km, because not more peoples lives there. My call was R0/UR8LV there. I jumped from island to island very often by helicopter. I have no more words about. You must to visit Arctic and make a love to this Lady. I knew Roman well very long time ago. One of visit to home he offer to replace Paul and him on Vernadsky base. It was a impressive proposal: i dreamed about Antarctica! I said YES. My call sign is EM1LV and 140URL9909. The second call is a first official call for CB from this point. Roma(EM1KA) and Pavel(EM1HO) like not CB.

The equipment here is a very simple. They are two receiver/transmitter for marine broadcasting by SKANTI with power about 750 watts, emergency tranceiver FT-80, my personal tranceiver ICOM-735, receiver NRD-515, VHF part consist of SMC-2515L12, ICOM-M56, 8 hand held of different firms,3 modems US-ROBOTICs 14.4 Sportster Vi., ARQ modem XH5112, FSK key/demodulator 1273, 4 station RACAL (1969), 4 computers PENTIUM 166, terminal of sattelite INMARSAT. The antennas is 2 multi band dipoles, 2 beveridge, VHF GP.

I like to work in the air. My favorite bands is 21,24,27,28.

On the CB i staying around 27540-27565 1200-2000 GMT. Hope to see you.

Best wishes from Galindez island in Antarctica.

73,55,51 de OLEG.

QSL info: P.O.Box 9824, KHARKOV, 310128, UKRAINE, Mr.VADY

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