Pictures taken during my UN Missions

Asia and Middle East

 Here is my short photo album showing my work, my colleagues and friends (some of them are also Ham Radio operators) as well as selective snap-shots of people in their local cultural environment. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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bulletAfghanistan, 2002
bulletIraq, Baghdad, 2003



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AFGHANISTAN, Herat, Chaghcharan, March-April 2002

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Herat fortress

Such cabs are not an uncommon thing in streets of Herat.

Children of Herat

WFP warehouse in Herat. HF antennas at the foregroung - the only mean of communication.

Deminers keep us away from such 'toys' ...

... and more.

Essential wardrobe in Afghanistan.

Satelite technologies coming fast. Downloading my e-mais using Thuraya satphone.

WFP Herat Radio Room. Left to right: Arik, Waheed - Telecomms Technician and his Radio Operator.

Herat airport after the war. Minefield is beyond that tower.

Loading antenna mast elements.

Chaghcharan. Just arrived.

Chaghcharan runway. You can hardly find it ...

Afghani people. Men take their wives to the hospital in Chaghcharan.

Chaghcharan radio room. Waheed got lost under pile of boxes with equipment and tools.

Chaghcharan radio room 4 weeks later.

HF broadband dipole antenna mounted for Chaghcharan UN base camp radio room.

UN base camp in Chaghcharan. Sweedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) work with WFP in emergencies for long years.

War echoe. Unexploded helicopter missile.

Ex. taliban emplacement.

What if ...

... we use this ...

... as a basement for VHF repeater station antenna!!!

Chaghcharan VHF repeater site.

View on Chaghcharan town from the repeater site.

Good grounding/ earthing is not a redundancy.

Solar power for Chaghcharan repeater. Motorola GR500 VHF repeater station was operational 24/7 solely powered from solar energy and back-up batteries.

WFP air-charter arrived in Chaghcharan.

Riding any possible mean of transport;)

In the sky of Afghanistan. MI-8 passenger carrier. Most reliable and simple to operate helicopter used by the UN.

Yuri, MI-8 Captain.This guy took us across the country.

Mission done! Flying back to Herat.

Chaghcharan - general view. The UN camp is ready to receive its staff.

Cafe in Herat. Farewel party with local WFP staff.

Poppy fields near Afghanistan - Turkmenistan border.

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IRAQ, Baghdad. May - July 2003

300 deg. panoramic view at Baghdad city from the roof of 'Palestine' hotel. Expand to 100% size and scroll left/ right.

U.N. Headquarters in Baghdad - 'Canal' hotel - from 1000 ft. Taken form Google Earth. This picture was taken before the 19 Aug 2003 blast happened.

U.N. Headquarters in Baghdad - 'Canal' hotel - Main gate.

U.N. Headquarters in Baghdad - 'Canal' hotel - Main gate.

No weapons beyond this point!

70m communications tower at the UN Headquarters.

Robert Kasca - S53R

Robert, S53R climbing the main comms. tower.

Arik, EK6DO is fixing damaged coax at the top of the main comms. tower.

Habitants of the UN comms. tower.

Programming the pile of Motorola VHF HT radios.

UN Communications Coordination Room - Robert, S53R (left) and Peter, ON6TT (right).

Preparing another VHF base repeater station for security telecommunication in Baghdad.

Erecting the repeater antenna on the roof of 'Palestine' hotel.

Inspecting the broadband HF dipole on the roof of the UN Headquarters.

Satellite data/voice station - our main link to the rest of the world.

Dust storm in Baghdad.

The central square of Baghdad. Before there was the famous thrown down statue of Saddam.

Roads of Baghdad.

Roads of Baghdad. Military checkpoint.

Roads of Baghdad.

Roads of Baghdad. Iraqi children.

St. Jacob Armenian Apostolic Church in Baghdad.

Armenian Embassy in Baghdad. This Iraqi couple protected the property of the Embassy from looters during the time of anarchy.

YI/EK6DO - QTH UN Base in Baghdad.

TVI source. All WFP HAMs had to stop working from YI because of TVI complaints.

Having fun in Baghdad. UN Base Radio Room ;)

Having fun in Baghdad. Good to have a can of cold beer after hot working day.

Having fun in Baghdad. Testing new hardware ;)

Having fun in Baghdad. EK6DO making barbecue for his farewel party.

Having fun in Baghdad. Barbecue party in the UN Base.

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