Radio Experimenter Theory Notes

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circuit This site is dedicated to the documentation of Radio Experimenter Theory Notes for those intending to become radio experimenters / radio amateurs. The original EI7IS web site still exists in all its glory at http://ei7is.searg.com but I'm using the QSL.net site to present the stand-alone theory notes as they are (or at least will be) detailed enough to warrant having their own site and it's come to my attention that people out there are actually using the notes on this site.

I've kept the formatting fairly basic so that the pages are quick to load, easy to print and compatible with most (hopefully all) browsers :-)

The notes are geared towards the Irish syllabus set out by Comreg but the electronics and radio theory are general to any amateur radio theory exam. I do however suggest that you check the syllabus with your own licencing authority. The notes are intended to compliment the courses run by South Eastern Amateur Radio Group. But don't just use the notes alone. Check with your local club if they are running classes. Nothing quite beats the classroom approach.

The site is a constant work-in-progress and I'll aim to update the notes on a regular basis. However, they may be a bit sketchy at the start, so bare with me. Please feel free to mail me with any corrections to the content on the site. Also, your suggestions are welcome.

73's de Mark EI7IS >>>