A selection of thumbnail images showing 2004 Perseid and other FSK441 qso's on 144mhz, click on any image to resolve it normal size

Image 1 Two stations, DJ8MS calling RZ3QD & DL9MS calling CQ 11th August 2004

Image 2 10-15db burst from ES6RQ 8th August 2004

Image 3 5 bursts from Pierre HB9QQ 26th July 2004 30sec period, this it typical in the Perseids

Image 4 Decode from Pierre Luigi I6WJB 15 July 2004 again sporadic meteors

Image 5 Sporadic meteor, good burst from Carlo IW1BCV July 15th 2004

Image 6 Pete OE5MPL with me June 17th via sporadic meteors, yet you can see 5 bursts in this single period

Image 7 Jojje OH1JCS August 11th 2004 during the Perseids a distance of 2098km

Image 8 OH1XT, you can see false decodes here during the same qso but the 1120ms 13db report is a perfect decode

Image 9 Confirmation rrr reports from OH1XT August 11th 2004 during the Perseids 5B MAX 3470/7 from Jari

Image 10 Best qso in the Perseids goes to Lasse OH6KTL, August 11th 2004, this 65 sec burst extended through my 30sec period, his 30 sec period and 5 seconds into my next

Image 11 5 second burst from OH1KTL,a continuation of the previous one tells me that Lasse has all my information

Image 12 OH6ZZ 26/36 or 2 You have to sure 7B MAX 580/11 completed this qso 3rd August 2004

Image 13 OH6ZZ again, you can see the 26 report but some false decodes as "no way" he working EI7M

Image 14 OZ1LPR Peter great signal into Ireland 8th August 4004

Image 15 Not all periods have big bursts but OZ6ABA Leif completed with 11 bursts max 520/13 and 560/12 using 150w & 15elements

Image 16 Monitoring 370 July 28 at the early stages of the Perseids yeilded fine bursts from PA3COB Harry calling cq

Image 17 S51AT's customised reporting system worked well for me 12th July 2004... Orange day fireworks from Boris

Image 18 Glad to be included in Keith TF/G4ODA list, tnx for HP28 13th & IP26 19th June, missed Ingo TF/SM6CMU few days previously, unfortunately his beam was side on to me for long periods

Image 19 Another nice random burst, this qso on July 14th was with DG3GAG/P JN47

Image 20 DM2SR this is a good burst on Augusr 12st, typical Perseid meteor, thanks for fine contact

Image 21 50 watts each was all it took for Henrik OZ8ZS & myself to complete our 1st ever qso August 13th 2004

Best I have ever heard on FSK441 was a fine 6750ms 15db burst from a Russian station at just under 3100km 13 August 2003 during the Perseids

Now how about a few skeds in LA/YL/LY/SM/RK3 & you might even get your screenshot in here before long, 73 de Charles EI5FK

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