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David Cawley, Glenisland,
Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

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Tropospheric Propagation (F6APE)
F6APE in France who I worked on 12/09/00.
This was over a distance of almost 1000kms and he was 59 for hours !!
Under normal flat conditions I would not hear any signals from France.

Sporadic E (Tune across 2m band)
Italian stations who I worked on 7/07/01.
Most of the stations worked were over 1900kms away and were 59+
Here's what it sounded like when I tuned the radio across the 2m
band. More activity than usual !!

Meteor Scatter (DH3IAJ)
DH3IAJ in Germany who I worked on 12/08/00.
He was 1400kms away and 59 for about 20 seconds during the burst.
This was a random meteor scatter contact on 144.200 during the peak
of the Perseids Meteor Shower.

High Speed CW Meteor Scatter (SM7JUQ)
SM7JUQ in Sweden who I worked on 12/08/00.
This was a Scheduled meteor scatter contact arranged in advance by
e-mail. We used very fast morse code 4000lpm (800WPM). When we recorded each other we then slowed it down using a PC and increased the tone. I use WinMSDSP software by 9A4GL.
(SM7JUQ at 800WPM)

Aurora (GM4VVX)
GM4VVX in Scotland who I worked on 14/10/00
His signal was quite weak into IO53 but you can hear the distinct auroral tone. The auroral distortion makes CW sound like bursts of static !!!

Audio Clips of more 144MHz dx I worked ...

IK0RMR in Italy (Sporadic E)

I5WBE in Italy (Sporadic E)

I5XDL in Italy (Sporadic E)

IC8FAX in Italy (Sporadic E)

IK1EGC in Italy (Sporadic E)

IW0DJB in Italy (Sporadic E)

IW5DAN in Italy (Sporadic E)

I1SBU in Italy (Sporadic E)