My first eme antenna were 4x13el nbs type, after using them for 1 year i changed them for 4x12el dl6wu type, These antennas were destroyed in a storm , I rebuilt them and one year later they got destroyed again in another storm, I then changed them for 4x15el x polarity dj9bv type antennas, Had these up for few years until they got destroyed , My homemade rotator wrapped them around my mast hi, Then put up 4x11el dj9bv type these got destroyed by yes another storm, lighting also took out my Rigs, Computer, Preamps, Cable, and almost ei4dq hi. Then put up 4x10el dk7zb, had these up also for a few years, Until i changed them for my present and best antennas 4x11el yu7ef antennas, Over the years i have made and installed 7 sets of 4 x groups of antennas. The weather here in ei just loves making a mess of aluminium.

144"Mhz" eme sound files