PG-4S Programming Cable PCB

After buying a nice Kenwood TM-V7 VHF+UHF dualband mobile rig, I noticed how tedious could be programming it. I found on the web the PC software for programming it free at the Kenwood web site. The original PG-4S was available also for a reasonable price from Kenwood dealers. Anyway, I found the idea of designing an SMD printed circuit board that could fit inside the DB-9 connector box very attractive. Here is the result of my work on that idea.

You must be carefull when printing the PCB template. Depending on your transfer method, you may need to mirror the image. This picture shows how you should see the tracks if you could see through the board, while looking from the other side:

This component placement view shows how your board should look when seen from top:

The SMD resistors I had were a little bit smaller than other ones I've bought some time ago. Be careful when getting them or try to use these smaller soldering pads with them (I think they could fit...) This design should also work with the Kenwood TM-G707.

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