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Wrk conditions
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Here are my working condtions. My favorite modes are SSB, also active on CW, RTTy and PSK.  On VHF I am starting, so you can find me working tropo,and Meteor Scatter. EME no conditions for the moment maybe in future.


TX/RX Sommerkamp FT-757-GX

Yaesu FT-1000MP

AMPL Ameritron AL-811HC
ANTENAS Cushcraft X9 (10,15,20, tuned on12)

1/4  wave vertical 7 Mhz

1/4 wave vertical 3.8 Mhz

Inverted V on top band

Some other experimental wire antenna.

OTHER Timewave DSP-599zx 

Mic. Yaesu MD1

MFJ Tunner

Head-phones with mic.

Voice Keyer MFJ

50MHz & High

TX/RX Kenwood TM251E (FM)

Icom 706MKIIG

ANTENAS Cushcraft 17B2 (17 elem 144)

ZX (5 elem, 50Mhz)

Nothing on 432. Soon I will install something.




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