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Annobon is a small tropical island of volcanic origin.It is approximately 17km square and is surrounded by other small uninhabited islands.This community of about 1000 inhabitants is
administered by the Rebublic of Equaterial Guinea. The Annobonese's main economic activity is fishing, which is outstanding during fish migrations(mainly in Sep).
Fishing is done using primitive and fragile, small flat-bottomed canoescalled "cayucos".
Agricultural production is limited by the volcanic soils found on the Isld and much of the food consumed is brought in by ship from Equaterial Guinea.
Our group left Sao Tomé on the 13th of Sep on board the "Nere Balandra" and arrived at Annobon on the 15th. On that same evening we began our operations in CW and SSB.
The last QSO was realized at midday on the 23rd of Sep 3C0R "23,800" contacts in 16 
Bands /Modes. Our very special thanks to 3C1GS Ramon Gomez for his inestimable logistic help and great efforts made in private negotiations to insure that 3C0R became a real Expedition in 1999.
Our enormous gratitude to The Ministry Of Transports and Communications Of The Republic Of Equaterial Guinea. To Annobon's authorities and the extraordinary and warm Annobonese people, THANK YOU .                                      EA5BYP    EA5YN
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