How to change a TS-2000 E2 model into an E,K model

Within these jumpers you can place 0 Ohm resistors to change the configuration of the transceiver.

R47 - Configuration E2 model
R48 - Configuration E model
R47 and R48 removed - Configuration K model

When changing the model, the TX will be changed in the following bands:


  E2 E K
160m 1,8-1,85 1,8-2 1,6-2
80m 3,5-3,8 3,5-3,8 3,5-4
40m 7,0-7,2 7,0-7,2 7,0-7,3
6m 50-50,2 50-52 50-54
2m 144-146 144-146 144-14
70cm 430-440 430-440 430-450

If you set up K model for its use in Europe, remember to turn OFF menu number 43 and change the repeater offset [ FUNC, 9 ] for UHF to 7600 KHz.

The 0 Ohm resistors must be placed in R47 or R48 in order to activate the E2 or E model. To obtain K model it is necessary to remove both.

In the others jumpers you must remove the 0 Ohm resistor to obtain the following advantages.

R52 - Extension of RX in the sub receiver (118 MHz - 525 MHz)
R53 - Extension of TX. It will transmit in all frequencies.
R54 - Expand options (Cross-band repeater, Sky Command, etc.)

After any modification you will have to full reset the transceiver; for that, follow the next steps.

If you use the software MCP-2000 to configure the transceiver and you have made this modification, delete the next entry in the Windows registry:


Run the MCP-2000 again and it will answer again for the transceiver model.

You can also change the entry in the Windows registry

    type="E10" para E2
    type="E20" para E
    type="600" para K


To assign the memories in the MCP-2000 for its use in Europe, it is important to take into account that the option -7.6MHz Shift in UHF does not exist. Use "Minus Shift" option and set 7600 KHz value in "Offset".


Enjoy your TS-2000!
73, Adolfo - EA4TH