BC 348


My BC-348 receiver is another real piece of history. It was developed during WW II and installed as the main HF receiver aboard different types of war planes, especially the B17 and B29 bombers. At the end of the war about 10,000 of them had been built in some 5 different versions, and they soon flooded the surplus market and made wonderful receivers for the post-war amateurs. The 1948 edition of the Radio Handbook describes how to modify them for amateur use, the main modification being the replacement of the original 28V dynamotor by a standard AC 110/220 transformer. My BC-348 is the model "R", and there is an interesting record to it. It started flying in a B-17 bomber in 1944. In the early 50s it was retired from the army and installed aboard a Swissair commercial plane. I believe it was fitted then with the micrometric VFO skirt scale that is not present in other units I have seen. It made many more flight hours in peaceful skies until it was finally decommissioned in the early 1960s. I have kept it in its original condition, and have left in it the 28V dynamotor. It still performs wonderfully.

Air warrior at the service of peace