Hi...., EA3BUI ....here.

A small village, located in CATALONIA, at the Noth East corner of SPAIN , facing an emblematic mountain, the MONTSENY.

Let me introduce my family to you:

This is my wife ROSA:

This is my son CHUS:

He is a good photographer, and you can see some of his pictures,HERE

This is my pet ESQUITX:

My interests are:

  • Video Conferencing.
  • RadioAmateur.
  • Meteo.
  • Antique radios rebuilding

When VIDEOCONFERENCING, the program I like the best is NETMEETING, because I can use my PANASONIC NV-MS95 color videocamera with it.

As RADIOAMATEUR I belong to URE, the Spanish RadioAmateur Asociation.

My METEO equipment is a HEAVYWEATHER WS-2300 station, that allows sending DATA to an e-mail adress or a web page.
Now sending data every 10 minutes, as you can see HERE.

My antique radios are not too old but I like them very much.
I got them in poor conditions, from friends and relatives, and now, after rebuilding, they play very nice again.
See some of them :

5 tubes selfmade receiver.

The famous KOSMOS 70 JAHRE Radiomann, with some "house" improvements.

The well known TELEFUNKEN Allegro.

Email me at

[email protected]

In the meantime please come back soon and visit me.

Actually I am a proud member of the following METEO NETS:




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