Eritrea, E30TA - Amateur Radio DXpedition 2000

October 17 till November 1, 2000

No. 7 of the 100 Most Needed DXCC Entities (c/o: ARRL)

... another DXped of the Bavarian Contest Club BCC


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News ( Dec 13, 2000 )

QSL bad list ( view only with Internet Explorer )

News ( Nov 16, 2000 )

We receive many direct QSL's without envelope or not right postage. We take this letters as donation !
We cant answer this QSL's. Its cost's our money.
Our pocket is empty, we get no cent from any company. A airmail letter outside Europe costs app. 1,55 USD; inside
Europe 0,50 USD.

Please do not send your national currency ! We receive Rubel, some from Mongolia, Franc, Lire, Finn Mark, Pesetas, Pesos and
others. We have problems to exchange it.

We will not take a own envelope and write your address on it.

If you have done wrong; send again.

Send only one QSL card ( some send 10 or 12 cards ! ). Save your money. We print cards with BV. If we receive your card,
all contacts will be printed.

If the QSL cards ready from printer we will start OM's/YL's they give us some donation. There after we start with stamped letters.

force12 at web dot de


News (Nov 08, 2000):

We are back after a long trip at home. Lost most of our luggage ( 260 lbs ) but all others is OK. Online log is now uptodate.
We made over 26.000 QSOs ( over 600 on 6 ) with only 2 OP's.
In contest we reach app. 13.5 mio points with 8.200 QSO's.
Tnx to all how calling us.

If you like to QSL please only direct to DL5NAM:

- EU with 1 Euro or 2 US$ and envelope with your address

- none EU with 3USD or 2 Euro and envelope with your address


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