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Updated: 12/18/98 9:15 pm Eastern Standard time


I would like to introduce a group called Electronic Communications 2000, or E-2 for short. This group, founded by Jason Foster, is orginating from the Washington D.C. area. This group is being established for the common and mutual advancement of all electronic and simular artifical communication. This club is going to target radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, satellite communication, computer and internet communication, telecommunications; as well as hobby type communications such as amateur (ham) radio, scanner recieving, shortwave, citizens band, and many other forms.

Because this club is very new, we do not have a formal membership made up yet, and there are no fees at this time. However, we do encourage those to e-mail, call, or write, so that you can be kept up-to-date as to the latest happenings.

We will be having regular meeting starting January 9th 1999. Please check out upcoming events, if you are not on our mailing list, or e-mail list.

Members will be given a three ring notebook with informations such as a Member Directory, Officers for the year, purpose statements for each division and the group as a whole, and many other typical information. Information will be given in updates that will be substituted into the binder. Binders will be included as part of the membership once dues begin.

Here's how to contact us:

e-mail: [email protected] (just click above)
telephone: 301-208-8663
fax: 301-340-9607
Electronic Communications 2000
P.O. Box 2635
Gaithersburg, MD 20886-2635