This is my Amateur BASE Station:

Yaesu FT-2000D
HF + 6m transceptor, Dual frequency,
Automatic Antenna Tuner, DSP, 200w PWR, etc.

Kenwood TS-2000X
All mode Transceiver HF + 6m + Vhf + Uhf + 1200Mhz, integrated TNC, Dual (listening two frequencies at the same time), Automatic Antenna Tuner, Satellite operation, Remote control, Repeater operation, DSP, VOX, etc.

Kenwood TM-D710
Dual bander with APRS integrated, RX from 100 to 1300Mhz on AM, FM, NFM modes.




External Speaker with 3 Audio Filters                Amplificated Desk Microphone with  Modulometer and Voice Recorder            DC Regulated Power Supply, 34A
      Kenwood SP-31                      
Kenwood MC-60                  Yaesu MD-100               Supply Diamond GSV


Illuminated meter with 2 equipments/antennas connectors
ALAN KW520 - SWR/PWR Meter from 1,8 to 525 Mhz.

Interface modos digitales SB-1000 y SB-2000

Different views I have had on my radio-shack

This is my Amateur MOBILE Station:

Icom IC-706 MKIIG
All mode Transceiver HF + 6m + Vhf + Uhf, DSP, VOX, Frontal Pannel separable, etc.

Automatic Antenna Tuner LDG Z100 Plus

With integrated TNC
Dual Bander Kenwood TM-D700

My actual Mobile Station

Previous Mobile Station

My old Car

This is my Amateur PORTABLE Station:

AM Air Band Receptor, 6w, "Sky Commander" control, etc.
Kenwood TH-D7
Dual Biband (TX-RX in two frequencies at same time), Biband, Full Duplex, PC and GPS connector, incorporated TNC, APRS (no necessary PC), Remote control, CTCSS, Battery Saver, DTMF, AIP (Advanced Intercept Point), APO, etc.


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