Log Conversion Utilities and Techniques


DXKeeper can import ADIF-compliant log files. If your current log can not be exported in this format, the following utilities and techniques may be of use in generating and ADIF log file.


ADIF Conversion Utilities

BV - freeward QSL Management and Label/QSL printing with a log conversion utility

Converting a Spreadsheet Log to ADIF - techniques from Rich VE3IAY for using spreadsheet programs as intermediaries that generate ADIF-compliant log files

DXBase to ADIF - EA3TB's program that exports DXbase 2002, DXbase 2001, DXbase 2000, DXbase98 & DXbase97 QSO's to ADIF, Comma delimited, or Tab delimited files.

DX4Win to ADIF conversion is available via http://sp7ps.pl/sp7dqr .

dbftoadif - a program by F6DEX that converts logs from DXLog and Easylog to ADIF

FastLog to ADIF conversion is available via http://www.qsl.net/dxlab/Converters/FastLogToAdif100.zip .

LogConv - a log conversion program

Input File Types Output File Types
  • ADIF format (.ADI)

  • ARRL format (.LOG)

  • CT v7, v8, v9 (.BIN)

  • DX Cluster (.DAT)

  • DX Info (.DAT)

  • NA v7, v9 (.QDF)

  • TR Log (.DAT)

  • WRTC (.LOG)

  • ADIF format (.ADI)

  • ARRL format (.LOG)

  • Cabrillo (.CAB)

  • CT v8 (.BIN)

  • dBase (.DBF)

  • DXBase (.SDF)

  • TR Log (.DAT)



LZ1PJ ADIF conversion utilities - a set of standalone DOS programs that convert the following formats to ADIF (though without DXCC country codes and with County fields that do not include State abbreviations)


  • GemRadio

  • HyperLog

  • Log-EQF

  • LogPlus

  • OH1AA

  • SLog

  • TopLog

  • WJ2O


PROADIKON - a program that converts logging data from the following applications to ADIF


Win-EQF - the free version of this product can import LogPlus files and export ADIF

Use with care