The Mabuhay Ham Ring HTML code that needs to be pasted into your page will be sent by e-mail, When you have completed details of your site on the above form and submit the form to the Mabuhay Ham Ring queue. The html source code must be pasted into your page before your site can be added to the ring.

When HTML code arrives please paste it into your page immediately or as soon as possible,

If the Mabuhay Ham Ring HTML code and Mabuhay Ham Ring graphics are not added to your page within 7 days of adding your site to the queue your site will be removed from the queue.

  • Please read these rules before submitting your site.
    If your site has foul language, adult content, violence etc. do not submit your site, it will not be added to the ring. If a site does slip through that does not fit these guidelines please E-Mail the Ringmaster and that site will be removed.
  • You MUST have the HTML source code on your page before you will be inserted into the Mabuhay Ham Ring. It does not have to be on the front page, but the URL you submit must be on the page it is linked to or the ring won't work.

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Mabuhay Ham Ring is maintained by Rei V. Eusebio, KF6ZDF/DU1LWQ. This web ring was created primarily for, but not limited to, the "Amatyuristang Pinoy." Ham radio related websites may join in the Web ring. To join click on the image above. 73 and Mabuhay!

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