To commemorate the celebration of the Philippine Centennial – 100 Years of Philippine Independence, the Philippine DX Foundation, Inc. will make available the PHILIPPINE CENTENNIAL AWARD. The activity period covers the whole year of 1998. Confirmed two-way contacts regardless of band /mode (no repeaters) are required of the following: Ninety five (95) QSLs from any country and five (5) QSLs from the Philippines with any of the prefixes DU, DX, DY, DZ, 4F, 4D, DX100 and DU100. Of the (5) Philippine QSLs one (1) should be a DX100 or DU100 prefix. Special endorsement for (100) DXCC entities with one (1) DX100 or DU100 prefixed Philippine station. Award available until year 2000. GCR list and fee of US$5 or 10 IRCs to PDXF, Inc., Awards Manager, POB 2000 QCCPO, 1160 Quezon City, M.M., Philippines. E-mail : [email protected]

Official application forms available. Send US$1 or 2 IRCs.