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     WELCOME TO THIS WEBSITE,  featuring Ham Radio, Photo at Baguio City, PHILIPPINE HAMVENTION 2002 PICTURE's, My short story & and a few links to Amateur Radio Station web sites.

     Thank God for everything. Thanks for my family as they serve as my inspiration. Thanks also to the web master Ross Cruz DU1UYZ for giving me the inspiration to make this website, i would also like to thank Luis Lardizabal DU1NIL for encouraging me to join the group "Kalikasan Amateur Radio and Mountaineers Inc." Thanks to the group DX1KA, to Richard DU1ODC, and also to Mon DU1DDB for the pictures and Thelma DU1IVT . Last but not the least to Al Waller K3TKJ 73 & MABUHAY!!!!!!!!

     Hope you will enjoy surfing this site, please dont hesitate to ask question. Please sign my guestbook... You can now continue by clicking EARTH below. Turn your speakers on. Please be patient as the pages feature many images and it will take a little time to download..................................


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