Who am I ?

I am a HAM. An amateur radio enthusiast, given the privelege of settting up a communication system for different purposes. Expermentations, inventions, and developments of new technologies in the field of communication. More than these, I am given that opportunity to talk to people of any race and religion whom I have no affiliation or relation with simply for the purpose of establishing friendship and giving assistance in my best capabilities in time of emergencies. The country, community, and the world where I belong are benefactors of the services I am capable of rendering.

As a HAM, I have responsibilities. Ham radio is a brotherhood. I cannot simply live on my own. I am bound to assist and help others wishing to know and be part of this ham world. My involvement with any group or organization gives me that opportunity to socialize and be friends with anybody. My responsibility doesn't end by simply being a paying member. Goals and objectives should be viewed by asking yourself "What can I do?" How and what kind participation can I render to be a part of it? It is I who should give and suport than rather ask "What will I get out of it?" Organizations exist as a medium to attain goals and objectives the proper and efficient way. They represent the totality of efforts and contribution of it's members. An organization doesn't invite you simply for the reson that it will give you the this and that, but more important is that it needs your presence for the unification of ideas and attainment of objectives. In the end, it is always the individual who prosfers and receives the benefits of a successful endeavor.


January 2000 - Boysan