MARC's Page

Hello, I'm Marc Christian L. Nepomuceno, son of DU1SAN "Boysan" and resides at 186 MacArthur Highway, Potrero, Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines. Like my Dad I enjoy amateur radio but at the moment I'm an SWL and sidekick of Boysan. I have been hearing those CQ's, QRZ, TNX since I was in my Mom's womb and the first phrase I came to memorized was CQ CQ DX DU1SAN QRZ? My first field day was in 1995 when I was 1 1/2 months old in New Jersey and met the Filipino Amateurs in New Jersey and New York. In 1995, I had the chance to come with my Dad DU1SAN "Boysan", my Mom "Nida" and Godfather WT2S "John" to ARRL. I guess I'm the youngest Filipino ham enthusiast to visit ARRL. My second visit to ARRL was in July of 1997, this time I'm already two years old and walking. I have been to Hamfests and flea markets and was familiarize with names like Yaesu, Icon, Kenwood, Motorola, Standard and Alinco. I do love tinkering with all those gadgets and equiptments in the flea market and the sales people do like me. My first PARA Hamvention was in 1996 at U.P. Diliman, Quezon City. So far, Dad allows me to power on the transceiver and wear the headphones with glasses (occassionally) but he won't allow me to hold the microphone. The PTT foot switch is a don't touch thing for me. He told me just to listen and be an SWL first. Perhaps I'll get a US call first because the age limit for taking the exams is lower than what the Philippine exam requires. Hope you'll hear me when that time comes. We have lots of guests and friends and they do come to visit and operate my Dad's station. I tell our guests that the radio room is called Marc's Room, cause it's nice to play the computer there. During October of 1998 I went with Dad at Batangas City for a field day operation of DX100DX in time with the CQWW SSB Contest. It was fun playing with dad's ham friends and children. We went to Anilao beach after the contest and enjoyed swimming. On our way home we were invited by DU1/N9BXH Tito Francis who also lives in Batangas for lunch and merienda was hosted by DU1BBD Tito Mon in their place in Tagaytay. Field Day operation is fun and enjoyable, try it. My second PARA anniversary attendance was November 1998 at the Marikina Riverbed Hotel. It was a whole day affair and filled with fun. Dad and his friends had organized the Philippine DX Foundation, Inc. and have a lot of projects for the ham enthuasiats. You're welcome to be a part of it. Last April 1999, I joined the District 1 Kid's Day Operating Event and was able to get 22 QSOs. I was the youngest operator at age 4 years old. My first batch of QSL cards were designed and made by my dad, Boysan. For this operation I was given an achievement award by the Philippine DX Foundation, Inc. I'm awaiting for band openings for the Kid's Day Activity sponsored by the Boring Amateur Radio Club in USA. My last hamvention was in during the 67th Anniversary of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association, Inc. at Tiboli Royale Club house in Quezon City. Dad was elected as one of the Directors-at-Large for year 2000. For a QSO with me, tell my dad, DU1SAN if you hear him on the band. E-mail me at [email protected] if you want to get in touch. For eyeball you can catch me at the Wednesday lunch socials at Aristocrat restaurant. I love to eat...... anything.....

My playmates : Perez brothers, Nacpil brothers, Ryan Certeza Charles Virtudazo, Dian Pamiloza

I love watching Pokemon, Flame of Recca, National Geographic, Nicolodeon, Discovery, HBO movies, Cartoon Network and goes to the moviehouse for movies (Godzilla, Zorro, Antz, Bug's Life, Matrix).


Marc Christian L. Nepomuceno

13 January2000