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Welcome to my personal home page dedicated to ham radio!

On this page you can find my collection of amateur-radio related material, which I have accumulated over the past years. My main interest is digital wireless communication, so most of the provided material will be about this topic. I'm trying to keep everything up-to-time, but due to lack of time, some of the information below might as well be outdated

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A short information about myself

License Class
class 1 (full license including HF bands)
Packet Radio Address
[email protected]
Internet email-Addresses
[email protected] (preferred)
[email protected]
[email protected]
WW QTH Locator
JN68RN (for QTH Passau)
JN59MO (+-) (for QTH Erlangen)

What actually is amateur radio about?

I won't go too much into detail about this topic, but briefly amateur radio can be described as a great hobby with very widespread specialized topics. These include local FM communication, Worldwide HF communication, home-building of Radio Equipment, Operation of Amateur Satellites, Amateur Television, Digital Networking over Radio, Contesting, Amateur Radio Detection Finding, and much more. For more information, you could check the WWW pages of national amateur radio organizations. Some places are as follows:

My own interests in amateur radio

I got involved into amateur radio just a few years ago by friends who already were radio hams at that time. Finally I took the license test on August 26th, 1993, and got my personal call sign DL9RDZ. This is our "full" license class for operation on both HF and VHF/UHF frequencies. I first started with a small handheld radio operating on the 430Mhz band, but after a half year I also got a small station for operation on the HF, which enables world wide contacts to other ham radio operators. But besides voice and CW communication I also became very interested in digital communication, which by now is my central interest in amateur radio. Currently I don't have as much spare time as I would like to spend in this, but still this is the part of ham radio I like best, especially the development of our packet radio net and digital transmission at higher speeds.

PSK31 for Linux/Soundblaster

In 1998, I have started to develop a soundcard-based program for Linux for operating PSK31, a extremely narrow band HF-mode for keyboard QSOs

IMPORTANT NOTE: PSK31 will only produce a correct narrow band signal, if your input level to the radio is carefully adjusted! If you do not pay attention to this, you might end up producing very high intermodulation (>1kHz wide), and thus potentially making lots of QRM to other stations! PLEASE DO NOT OVER-MODULATE YOUR TRANSCEIVER!

Finally there is a new version TWPSK V1.1! The main improvements are:

Download twpsk-1.1.tar.gz

If you use this version, please send me a short mail, telling me how it does work on your system, with a short description of your setup (Soundcard, Linux version, etc; also the compiler you are using if there are compile problems...)

Future plans:

This PSK31 software package will also be published on the Metalab site, where the previous twpsk releases can be found, too. twpsk-1.1.tar.gz

Further information about PSK31 is provided by Eduardo, EA2BAJ here:

And check out the PSK31 WWW page for information on other PSK31 implementation and further stuff: or the mirror at

Links to Pages about digital communication

Links to other Ham-Radio Web-Pages

These are some links to web-pages of other radio amateurs and groups of amateurs, which mostly are related to digital communication:

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