Nordstrandischmoor Island
DK1IP/p            DL9HO/p
German Island Award

30.09.2002 - 05.10.2002
GIA N-25


Map of Schleswig-Holstein coast line
View to Nordstrandischmoor Island

Sunrise at Nordstrandischmoor

With only 18 people living permanently on the island, "Hallig Nordstrandischmoor" is one of the smallest German Islands in the North-Sea. About 40 times a year the sea-water covers the island completely, except for the five houses on the four small hills (Warften), which are left to be seen above the sea.

DK1IP and DL9HO activated "Hallig Nordstrandischmoor" to give a chance to the radio-amateur-communitiy to work this island, valid for the RSGB IOTA program (IOTA EU-042) and the German Island Award (N-25).

Due to the poor propagation during our IOTA-Expedition (heavy Aurora-Activities and Mögel-Dellinger-Effect) we only managed 1080 QSOs with hams throughout different continents. Most of these contacts were made on 20m (DL9HO) and 40m (DK1IP), several on 15m and 80m as well.

We are planning to repeat this activity in the forecoming time and hope to see you further down the log!


  • ICOM IC-706 MK 2
  • MOSFET-Linear-Amplifier 400W


  • 20m Trip-Leg
  • 40/15m Delta-Loop
  • 80m Drahtpyramide
  • 40m-Loop
    Our Host Doris Ready for the trip to the island
    QSL Information
  • We will QSL direct or via the bureau
  • We will QSL all correct SWL reports
  • We will not issue e-QSLs
        - so please don't send us any either!

    For direct cards:
    Enclose SAE and minimum USD$1 (preferred) or one I.R.C. for return airmail.
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    The Team: DK1IP (left), DL9HO (right)

  • DK1IP Wolf
  • DL9HO Volker

    View from our shack
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    German Island Award
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    Special thanks to our hosts Doris and Gerd and our young friend SWL Linus

    2002 - DL9HO